California ‘Levels of Care’: A Residential Care Facility for the Elderly As an Alternative to Skilled Nursing Facility Care

This is the second blog post in our series about deciding which level of care facility is right for your loved one. In this post, we discuss the services offered by residential care facilities for the elderly.

If your loved one is not receiving any skilled services and requires assistance with positioning, feeding, bathing, grooming, dressing, walking, and/or must be in a secured environment related to cognitive impairment, a ‘lower level of care’ such as a residential care facility for the elderly (‘RCFE’) often times known as a ‘board and care’ may be appropriate. It is very important to thoroughly investigate to ensure that the RCFE is capable of providing for your loved one’s needs such as secured doors and perimeters if required.

It is equally important to be sure that an RCFE does not accept a person whose level of care is too high and/or has medical conditions that are specifically prohibited such as people who require skilled nursing care, who have serious bedsores, or who are bedridden. There are also many ‘restricted’ conditions that require on-going professional care from an outside licensed home health care agency if a patient is admitted to an RCFE.

Determining whether a RCFE is appropriate to meet your loved one’s care needs is a crucial decision. By carefully assessing these factors, you can make an informed choice that prioritizes your loved one’s well-being and quality of life.



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