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In this case, our client suffered severe injuries as a result of mistreatment and neglect while at a skilled nursing facility. He was left sitting for long intervals of time, and as a result he developed severe pressure sores among other injuries that would eventually put him in the hospital in critical condition. This case […]

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While staying in a skilled nursing facility our client was neglected and left sitting alone for too long without changing his position. As a direct result, he developed severe pressure sores, had to be hospitalized, and passed away. This case settled confidentially for $400,000.00

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After being checked into a facility for severe mental health issues that required her to be under constant supervision, the defendants gave her access to leave the facility unsupervised. As a result, she left the facility and committed suicide, This case settled confidentially for $1,000,000.00

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Surgical Error

Our client underwent hip surgery, but the surgeon decided to try a new technique and device, resulting in damage to the blood flow to the leg. He failed to notify the client or nurses of the problems during surgery. The nurses then failed to appreciate that our client’s leg was turning cold and blue. Our

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This tragic case involved the excessive prescription of psychotropic medication to a 75-year-old man. The doctor and nursing home were both defendants. He was being given excess medication as a form of chemical restraint in an attempt to make him quieter, and as a result, he became severely dehydrated and ill, and passed away. This

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Delay in Treatment

Our client was a lovely 80-year-old woman who developed a painful leg. After visiting her doctor ten times regarding the pain and swelling in her leg, she was not given the proper treatment or care. As a result, she was admitted to the ICU and required an above knee amputation. This case settled confidentially for

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