Medical Malpractice

Delay in Labs

Our client had labs drawn on a Friday, but the results, though known and critical on a Saturday, were not communicated to the doctor until Monday. He called as soon as he saw the results, only to learn the coroner was loading the body. The lab and doctor blamed each other, but both agreed our […]

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Our client had surgery to retrieve pathology specimens and made an excellent recovery. The hospital lost all of the specimens and made our client undergo the exact same surgery a second time. This second surgery caused major complications. The case settled confidentially for $250,000.

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Delay in Treatment

Our client was a young pregnant woman who presented to the hospital complaining of terrible abdominal pain. Despite being less than 20 feet away, the doctor never examined her during her hours at the hospital. She was sent home to suffer a catastrophic hemorrhage, losing the baby, and causing lasting kidney damage. This case settled

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Surgical Error

Our client underwent hip surgery, but the surgeon decided to try a new technique and device, resulting in damage to the blood flow to the leg. He failed to notify the client or nurses of the problems during surgery. The nurses then failed to appreciate that our client’s leg was turning cold and blue. Our

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Delay in Treatment

Our client was a lovely 80-year-old woman who developed a painful leg. After visiting her doctor ten times regarding the pain and swelling in her leg, she was not given the proper treatment or care. As a result, she was admitted to the ICU and required an above knee amputation. This case settled confidentially for

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